Stained Glass Art by Julie Bubolz Imagination Creation
Phone: (920) 905-2225
19921 US Hwy 10, Reedsville, Wisconsin 54230-9161
19921 US Hwy 10
Reedsville, Wisconsin 54230-9161
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Quality Keepsakes That Will Be Admired
For Years to Come!

You will acquire a quality keepsake that will be admired for years to come when purchasing a leaded stained glass piece from Imagination Creation. Each piece is individually constructed using quality materials and expert technique to ensure durability in addition to natural attractiveness.

A thorough design is the starting point for an attractive finished product. Care is taken when drawing each line to assure that each piece of glass will be able to be cut while not adding extra lines that distract from the subject. Glass is carefully chosen for color, transparency and opaqueness. Patterns in the glass are used in the proper direction to enhance the design while textured glass can add character. The design and size of the glass pieces dictate the method of construction. When using lead came, all joints are soldered with a good bond to the metal preventing oxidation from creeping underneath and loosening the hold. For the foiled method, the appropriate size is used for strength and variation of lines. Each seam is soldered with a sufficient amount of solder to ensure a good hold between glass pieces and around the outside. No pieces are just tined with solder to change the color. Without sufficient solder, the pieces of glass are only held together by the thin, foil tape. The foil is only used as an agent to allow the metal solder to flow between and around the glass, creating the lead channels that hold all the pieces of glass together.

Allowing time for careful construction results in a quality finished product.