Stained Glass Art by Julie Bubolz Imagination Creation
Phone: (920) 905-2225
19921 US Hwy 10, Reedsville, Wisconsin 54230-9161
19921 US Hwy 10
Reedsville, Wisconsin 54230-9161
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Welcome to My Website

I hope you learn about the art of stained glass from my site and enjoy my work.

Please review the latest Terms & Conditions/FAQ's which has been updated with more details. New items have been added to each category. If you have a specific item in mind and do not see it in my selections, please contact me and we will work together to make a stained glass art creation. Custom orders are my specialty.


Please use the new phone number when contacting Julie Bubolz at Imagination Creation.

The new number is (920) 905-2225


I am working in my home studio, so I can take orders at any time.
Beautiful stained glass can brighten your day.

For spring, summer and fall I make seasonal-themed garden stakes for your pots or beds. During the winter, they look great in house plants.

My husband will be accompanying me, at the art & craft fairs, with his beautiful handmade wood projects. His wood planters look wonderful with my stained glass art accents and flowers.
He, also, makes a variety of custom outdoor & indoor furniture and accessory items.

Art & Craft Fair Schedule 2023
See my Event Schedule page for a complete listing

Check my Event Schedule for a current listing of the events I plan to attend.
I will no longer be participating in a few Fairs and may add new ones as the year progresses.

If you do not see me in person at an event, I am still available by email, text or phone.

Custom and Holiday Orders

You can contact me for custom orders any time of the year.

Christmas orders need to be shipped by December 15th for delivery by December 24th. Shipping also depends on the traveling distance and weather delays. Since the Old World Christmas Market takes place in December, custom orders should be placed early and any orders placed after December 2nd cannot be guaranteed to be completed for December 24th.

Custom projects are always special. I will work with you to design a unique gift or something for yourself. If I cannot get your piece done for Christmas, I can give you a picture of the drawing or a special card for the recipient of your gift in anticipation of its arrival.

Free Shipping vs. Paying for Shipping

Shipping costs are rising constantly and finding the lowest price for the best service can be a challenge.

Many online businesses are offering Free Shipping. Most of the time this is a marketing tool to think you are getting a deal. In reality, the shipping cost is usually added into the price of each item. This means you are paying shipping on each item you buy. If you purchase multiple items, you are paying the shipping cost several times. In addition, the shipping cost is calculated to the furthest destination. If you are closer in proximity to the business, you are still paying shipping to the furthest destination.

I like to do what is fair for my customers and prefer to add shipping & handling costs. I do not feel someone from my home state should pay the same cost as someone from across the country. Also, my shipping costs are calculated by the weight and size of the box. Many times, multiple items can fit into one box; which can result in costing only a few dollars more than the initial cost of shipping the first item. The size of the box is first based on the largest item, then additional room for multiple items. The weight is distributed in this box with packaging materials around the entire contents. Whenever possible, I pack in boxes under 12 inches. That size increases the shipping charge, but I always make sure the size allows sufficient cushion around the entire glass to absorb any impact. My handling charge includes all materials for boxing and packaging, along with any credit fees. Insurance is included for items up to $50.00. Any additional insurance fees are paid by the customer. I do not charge a fee for my time packaging, looking up the correct shipping fee (for an estimate), labeling the package and getting it to the post office (or shipper). I prefer using Priority Mail with the USPS because I have very good results with their service. I will use other services at the customer's request.

Large Stained Glass Projects

If you are remodeling, redecorating or always wanted stained glass hanging in your favorite window, think about a custom designed piece. Together we can create a wonderful accent and heirloom for your home. Some large projects may take longer to make depending on the time of year – especially during the busy holiday season from September – December. Whether it is a small panel or large window we can start working on a design.

Many larger sized panels can be shipped. I have shipped large pieces to cities all over the United States and Canada.

Stained Glass Gifts

Stained glass will make a unique gift for any occasion. Birthday, wedding, anniversary, confirmation, graduation, retirement and baby gifts are just a few ideas. They can be personalized with wire writing. Soldering the wire onto the piece makes it more secure and it will not wash or scratch off overtime.