Stained Glass Art by Julie Bubolz Imagination Creation
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19921 US Hwy 10
Reedsville, Wisconsin 54230-9161
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Use Your Imagination and Picture Your Home
with a Beautiful Stained Glass Creation of Your Choice

Whether it be a full window, hanging panel or a small sun catcher you can enjoy this historic art form everyday. We can create your custom piece, together. I have created custom stained glass art in homes, churches and businesses for over 40 years.

First, you provide the idea and dimensions, and then I start with a drawing to your specifications. Stained glass designs are carefully drawn to accommodate the shape of each piece of glass to be cut. The lines in paintings and prints are not always workable in glass as glass drawing needs to add cut lines. In my designs, I make the cut lines part of the object or scene so no extra lines distract the overall view. After the drawing stage, construction of the stained glass piece is completed using quality materials. Most of the glass and construction materials are selected from American companies. Each piece of glass is carefully chosen to utilize the character of the glass. I look for that certain swirl that makes each piece unique. After the glass is hand cut, assembly is completed in one of two ways. Lead came construction entails each piece of glass is precisely cut to fit into channels of lead and soldered at each joint. The foil method, used by Louis Tiffany, requires each piece of glass to be wrapped with a foil tape. Each seam is then soldered with a raised amount of solder to ensure strength. The outside edges of sun catchers are also soldered for strength. Larger panels and windows are finished with borders of zinc or copper for strength and attractiveness. Wire lines and foil overlays are incorporated into many designs to add detail and uniqueness.

To order a custom stained glass piece, contact me by email, telephone or writing. I will communicate with you about all of the details I need to complete your stained glass art.

Orders will be shipped as soon as possible, but may take up to several weeks due to availability and construction time. Custom orders will be given a completion time when the design is finalized.

Some examples of custom orders that I have done for individuals, businesses, and churches are shown below. Click the images to view them up-close:

Custom Ordered Chickadee Triangle Transom Stain Glass Window for Appleton Wisconsin Residence
Chickadee Triangle
Transom Window at
Appleton, Wisconsin
Beautiful Iris Stained Glass Window for Two Rivers Wisconsin Residence
Iris Window
Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Custom Made Alcove Stained Glass Windows for Sam's Restaurant in Valders Wisconsin
Alcove Windows
Sam's Restaurant in
Valders, Wisconsin
Stained Glass Iris Table Lamp Custom Ordered
Iris Table Lamp
Stained Glass Cabinet Windows Custom Ordered for New Berlin Wisconsin Residence
Cabinet Windows
New Berlin, Wisconsin
Custom Ordered Prairie-Style Stained Glass Window for a Manitowoc Wisconsin Residence
Prairie-Style Window
Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Custom Stained Glass Suncatcher of Reeds-Vu Dairy Farm

Reeds-Vu Dairy Farm Ordered the Custom Stained Glass Catcher Shown Above
Reeds-Vu Dairy
Farm 1980
& Actual Photo
of Farm in 2011
Custom Stained Glass Windows Installed at Oakfield Methodist Church in Oakfield Wisconsin
Custom Windows installed
at Oakfield Methodist
Church in
Oakfield, Wisconsin


All designs and photos remain the property of Julie Bubolz, Imagination Creation and and may not be copied, downloaded, duplicated or used in any way without the express written consent of Julie Bubolz.